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  • About

    We are a design company located in Denmark with a history in manufacturing home items such as lamps and furniture. Our main goal is to become Europe's largest manufacturing company .

    You can learn more about us and our goals from our website.


    We are proud to say that in 2016 we opened the gates for our designing school and we are constantly trying to further develop the training program provided within the school. If you're interested in finding out more in how to join the free training seminar you can check this webpage.



    Also. be sure to bring your portfolio, be it print or online. Either one is good.

    If you have a website then it's even better and be sure to check that in the column when registering. Please be aware that all designs are copyrighted and you are expected to have full ownership to the design you present.


    If you have a mockup of your products with you, then you are to come 1 hour earlier and prepare your stand along with your product. You will have to pass some generals tests to ensure your product is safe for using.